Best Maps For Tracking Travel Around The World In 2022

The Best Maps for Tracking Travel Around the World

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How many countries have you been to? Whether it is 5, 50 or 150, maps for tracking travel are a perfect way to record trips – and a beautiful way to display memories. There are numerous styles of custom travel maps – from a World Travel Map with Pins to a Scratch-Off Map to mark travels to a ‘US States I’ve Visited’ map for travelers exploring the United States.

Selecting The Best ‘Where Have You Been’ Map

A World Map to mark your travels is an ideal way to remember the places you have been – but there are heaps of map styles to choose from. How you determine which is the best map to keep track of travels will depend on your space, tastes and budget.

We have rounded up the top-rated ‘Countries I Have Visited’ maps so that you can easily find the best world map for your home, office or dorm.

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The Best Maps For Tracking Travel In 2022

Our list features the top-rated maps for tracking travel around the world. We highlight various styles – at a range of price points – so that every traveler can find the best World Map Travel Tracker to suit their style and stoke their wanderlust!

Push Pin World Map

We think a Push Pin Travel Map is one of the best ways to track trips. With a World Map with pins, travelers can accurately mark the places they have been by pinning the marker on a specific city or region.

A pinnable world map also allows for personal variations. For instance, pins can be color-coded by trip or to designate the difference between past and future travels. Almost every world push-pin travel map comes with a set of pins included. However, there are a variety of travel push pins – for example, ones with flags – that can be purchased separately to better enhance your map.

Framed Push Pin World Map

Of all the pinnable map options, we think a Framed World Map with Pins is one of the classiest options. The classic National Geographic muted tone map comes with a choice of 8 different frames – ensuring you can find the perfect style to match your other room decor. The map comes with a set of 100 pins – colored red, white and black (although we would use these pastel metallic pins instead, which can be purchased separately!) The large push pin world map frame measures at 27.5 inches by 39.5 inches – and is priced around $100 USD.

Earning rave reviews from fellow purchasers, the high-quality pinnable world map is backed by a board that is easy to pin – and it arrives ready to hang!

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Personalized Push Pin Map

What is better than a Push Pin World Travel Map? A Push Pin Personalized Map! The best part about the National Geographic framed Travel map with pins is that it can also be personalized! The inclusion of a name adds an extra special touch. In fact, a personalized push pin world map makes a great gift for an upcoming trip or wedding (or anniversary!) present!

The personalized push pin map – which can include 3 lines of text with 30 characters per line – can include a name, trip title or short travel quote. The customized text transforms the elegant artwork into a classy personalized world travel map.  

The Personalized Travel Map with Pins comes with the same specifications as the map above, but does cost just slightly more for the upgraded customization.

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DIY World Map Poster with Pins

While $100 is an affordable price for a beautiful world travel map with pins and frame, there are options for a less-expensive wall world map with pins. Namely, you can make a travel map wall hanging – with just a little creativity.

To create your own wall map with pins, you can purchase a rolled National Geographic Map – like this one. To build a travel map that can be pinned, buy a cork board that is the same size – like this one – and a set of pins – like these. You can either tack the poster to the cork board or use spray glue. And, just like that, you have created your own pinnable world map!

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Travel Globe with Pins

While we love World Map Wall Art, we also love map-themed home decor! Globes can be a gorgeous addition to any room – but globe maps that can track travels are unique.

There are two popular kinds of globe travel trackers: Cork or Magnetic. Both are fantastic for a desk or nightstand – so which one you choose depends on your style.

Cork Globe with Pins

The Cork Globe to track travels is minimalistic in design. The pinnable globe is a simple black map on cork material. Small in size, the cork map globe is less than 6 inches tall (although there is a more expensive, larger version).  It comes with 50 bright pins that stand out against the black map. Best of all, the unique globe comes at an affordable price (less than $50 USD!).

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Magnetic Globe Travel Tracker

A unique way to track travels on a map is with magnetic pins – and a magnetic globe is a beautiful display! This 10-inch globe comes in four styles – Black, Tan, Blue and Topographic – along with 40 magnetic pins to mark your travels.

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Countries Visited Map: Scratch-Off

While we love the idea of a wall map with pins, there are other styles of maps to track your travels – namely, a Scratch-Off Travel Map. With a scratch-away map, travelers can unveil the countries they have visited when they return home from their trip. It’s a great visual way to display your globe-trotting adventures. Furthermore, scratch-off maps tend to be less expensive than a push pin travel map. Both of our recommended country scratch-off maps are less than $30 USD.

Gold Scratch-Off Map

A classy rendition of a scratch-off map is this pastel map covered in gold foil. What we like best about this map is that it is poster size, which makes it easier to reveal the countries you have visited…and it makes a nice wall art display.

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Black Scratch Map

A vibrant way to display the countries you have visited on a map, this black map stands out. A feature we love about this map – that is not found in many other travel tracking maps – is country flags (that can also be revealed) at the bottom of the map.

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United States Visited Map

Explorers who want to specifically track their travels of the USA can use a ‘States Traveled’ map. Similar to the ‘Countries Visited’ maps, there are numerous styles of United States of America travel tracking maps.

US Travel Map with Pins

This framed US Travel Map with push pins is exactly like our recommended World Map with Pins – but uses a detailed map of the USA. The map comes with a choice of frames and can be personalized, too!

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Scratch-Off ‘States I have Visited’ Map

This gold coated United States Travel Map is beautifully designed to reveal a detailed cartographic map. The poster-size map is a stunning wall hanging – both when it is covered and as states are revealed.

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Personalized US Photo Map Display

The poster size USA photo map is a fantastic way to preserve travel memories from adventures across the States. You use your own photos and cut them into the shape of each state – creating a personalized collection of travel memories.

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