Travel Art: Wanderlust Wall Art to Decorate Your Home In 2022

Using Travel Art to decorate your home is a beautiful way to inspire wanderlust! When it comes to travel wall decor, there are endless possibilities – from vintage travel artwork to framed landscapes and city skylines to airplane art. If you are searching for the best travel-themed wall art ideas for 2022, we’ve got you covered! We have rounded up the absolute best wanderlust wall art for home decoration.

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Travel Decor: World Travel Wall Art

World maps top our list for wanderlust wall decor – and you can find our top picks in our blog post on our homepage.

That said, world maps are only one category of travel wall décor. There are numerous other travel wall art ideas – and we have used many of them to decorate our own home.

After my first trip to Europe, I was gifted a framed picture of Paris; it was a city view from the top of the Notre Dame with the Eiffel Tower in the distance. The poster-sized photograph was mounted on my wall for years – and every time I looked at it, I remembered my first trip to (what has now become) one of my favorite cities in the world.

In fact, the travel art traveled with me from apartment to apartment for 15 years – until we left America to become full-time travelers. (Don’t worry though; I gifted it to a good friend who is equally stoked about traveling!).

Pro Tip: Travel art wall décor makes a great gift! Use our tips below for the best travel-inspired wall art present. If you can’t find the perfect gift here, check out this list of Unique Travel Gifts.

Travel Art

There are hundreds – if not thousands – of travel wall art ideas. We have waded through heaps of world travel wall decor in search of only the best travel-themed artwork – and narrowed it down to 9 different categories. For each travel decor category, we share a few specific travel artwork pieces.

City Poster Retro Wall Art

We love vintage travel decorating ideas – but more specifically, we love Retro travel-theme wall art! With clean lines and vivid colors, retro vintage travel wall art posters are an eye-catching and cool way to display your love for travel.

New York City Art Deco Wall Art

A classic NYC retro print, the wall hanging is available in various sizes and either framed or unframed (with a range of prices, too!).

Amalfi Coast Wall Art + More Destinations!

Certain to brighten any room, this retro Amalfi wall art poster is printed on premium quality photo paper. Available in 4 different sizes, there are more than 40 cities offered in the same style – from Amsterdam wall art to Tokyo’s Mount Fuji to the London skyline.

Travel Artwork Photographs

Photography is a one of our favorite artforms – both to create and to display. Framed travel art prints of famous landmarks and city skylines are wanderlust-worthy wall hangings!

Landmarks and Skylines Travel Decor

Photographs of iconic monuments and city landscapes are perfect wall hangings. Whether you are dreaming of seeing these places in person or want a professional, framed photograph in remembrance of a trip, landmark and skyline photographs are ideal!

4 City Travel Art Prints

This 4-piece travel canvas art in black-and-white with a splash of red is an affordable – yet remarkable – collection of city photographs. The panels can be displayed in a grid, in a line or on separate walls. Paris, London, Rome and New York are featured in this 4-Panel travel wall art canvas.

Wanderlust Wall Art: City Maps + Transport Routes

When we travel to a new city, we pore over maps of the city layout. In fact, we study city maps so intensely that they become part of our trip memories. What better way to remember a walking route through the city than with a city map? We like the black-and-white maps, but antique map wall art of a specific city is interesting, too.

Transportation maps – like the London Tube or New York City subway system – make cool travel map wall art, too.

Better yet, get a trio of canvas, ready-to-hang maps of a few of the world’s best cities: Paris, New York and London!

Beach and Nature Travel Wall Decor

Travelers who prefer nature over cities will find an abundance of options for natural travel art. From beaches to iconic natural wonders to wide open spaces, nature scenes are an idyllic way to escape everyday life while you daydream of future trips.

Beach Wall Art

There is a great variety in beach art – from soothing and tranquil abstract beach wall art to palm tree pictures to 3D beach wall art. The options are endless…and what you buy all depends on your style!

Iconic Landscapes and Natural Wonders

Artwork of natural wonders – like the Grand Canyon and Mount Everest – is an excellent addition to a home or office. Natural landscapes often inspire people to book epic trips, like Appalachian Trail Wall Art motivating someone to embark on an iconic hike, or Antelope Canyon Wall Art encouraging travelers to make travel plans to the American southwest.

Travel Quote Wall Art

Travel quotes wall art is a unique reminder of why we love to travel. There are many styles of Travel Quotes wall decor – the quote over a travel photo, cut outs and adhesive wall art sayings. While Travel Quote Art will certainly look good in any room in your house, there are a few sayings that work well in specific rooms.

For example, the ‘Eat Well Travel Often’ Wall Art quote is a great wall hanging for the kitchen. ‘Live Love Travel’ wall art is best suited for the bedroom or cozy family room space. For a child’s room, we like the framed ‘Adventure Awaits’. And, general travel quotes work well anywhere in the house where you display travel photos or memorabilia.

Travel Quote Wall Decals

A wanderlust wall sticker is another great way to display travel quotes on your wall. The Road Not Taken wall art would look good in any room in the house!

Airplane Art for Walls

For many people, the airplane is the ultimate symbol synonymous with travel. Planes are not only a mode of transportation, but a part of the overall travel experience. Travelers can admire airplanes from their own home with airplane wall art.

There are many styles of airplane canvas wall art – including airplane panel wall art. One of the most interesting artworks we have seen is an airplane wing wall art photo with the NYC skyline in the background. What made it totally unique, however, is that the airplane wall art panels stack vertically, rather than horizontally.

Airplane Propeller Wall Art

Airplane propellers are an exceptional way to display a fondness for aviation and travel. An airplane metal wall art piece can be featured on its own – or surrounded by other travel artwork.

Country and Continent Travel Artwork

If your travels are focused on a specific country or continent, you can decorate the walls of your home with a variety of travel artwork from those specific places.

Americana Wall Art

There is a vast range of American wall art to commemorate travels throughout America. Some top rated items are American Flag Wall Art (Wood), Route 66 signs, retro diner posters and unique USA maps.

Continent and Regional Wall Art

In our travels abroad and in our own searches for home décor we have come across fabulous art that features or represents an entire continent or region.

For example, we found a colorful Africa Map Wall Art watercolor painting on canvas and a picturesque European street scene. Asian-Inspired Wall Art can also be quite captivating – and is featured in frames on tapestries and on Asian wall art panels. Asian-themed wall art can be bold or subdued, serene or chaotic.

Creative Wall Art: Travel-Themed

Travel-themed wall decor does not have to be related to a specific destination…it can just be about travel!

DIY Travel Wall Art

Some of the best travel wall decor ideas are the ones you come up with yourself! Travelers can create an arts and crafts style wall art display using personal momentous – like ticket stubs, airline tickets and photos. If you are going to use your own photographs, make sure you use a good camera for your travels (we like the DSLR Canon Rebel; it takes phenomenal photos, is easy to use and comes with a bundle of fun accessories!).

Another way to create fun travel photo wall art is to use professional snapshots and postcards from places around the world.


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Best Maps For Tracking Travel Around The World In 2022

The Best Maps for Tracking Travel Around the World

Some of the links on this site are Affiliate Links and if you use them to make a purchase, we may earn a small commission. For more information, read our Disclosure Policy.

How many countries have you been to? Whether it is 5, 50 or 150, maps for tracking travel are a perfect way to record trips – and a beautiful way to display memories. There are numerous styles of custom travel maps – from a World Travel Map with Pins to a Scratch-Off Map to mark travels to a ‘US States I’ve Visited’ map for travelers exploring the United States.

Selecting The Best ‘Where Have You Been’ Map

A World Map to mark your travels is an ideal way to remember the places you have been – but there are heaps of map styles to choose from. How you determine which is the best map to keep track of travels will depend on your space, tastes and budget.

We have rounded up the top-rated ‘Countries I Have Visited’ maps so that you can easily find the best world map for your home, office or dorm.

Pro Tip: If you are searching for the perfect travel map gift, a world map travel tracker is an excellent idea! Use our below recommendations for a wall map to track travels – the recipient will not be disappointed! If you are looking for other travel-related gifts, use this list of Unique Travel Gifts and read this article for Tips for Buying the Best Wall Map of the World!

The Best Maps For Tracking Travel In 2022

Our list features the top-rated maps for tracking travel around the world. We highlight various styles – at a range of price points – so that every traveler can find the best World Map Travel Tracker to suit their style and stoke their wanderlust!

Push Pin World Map

We think a Push Pin Travel Map is one of the best ways to track trips. With a World Map with pins, travelers can accurately mark the places they have been by pinning the marker on a specific city or region.

A pinnable world map also allows for personal variations. For instance, pins can be color-coded by trip or to designate the difference between past and future travels. Almost every world push-pin travel map comes with a set of pins included. However, there are a variety of travel push pins – for example, ones with flags – that can be purchased separately to better enhance your map.

Framed Push Pin World Map

Of all the pinnable map options, we think a Framed World Map with Pins is one of the classiest options. The classic National Geographic muted tone map comes with a choice of 8 different frames – ensuring you can find the perfect style to match your other room decor. The map comes with a set of 100 pins – colored red, white and black (although we would use these pastel metallic pins instead, which can be purchased separately!) The large push pin world map frame measures at 27.5 inches by 39.5 inches – and is priced around $100 USD.

Earning rave reviews from fellow purchasers, the high-quality pinnable world map is backed by a board that is easy to pin – and it arrives ready to hang!

Buy your framed World Travel Map with Pins Online here!

Personalized Push Pin Map

What is better than a Push Pin World Travel Map? A Push Pin Personalized Map! The best part about the National Geographic framed Travel map with pins is that it can also be personalized! The inclusion of a name adds an extra special touch. In fact, a personalized push pin world map makes a great gift for an upcoming trip or wedding (or anniversary!) present!

The personalized push pin map – which can include 3 lines of text with 30 characters per line – can include a name, trip title or short travel quote. The customized text transforms the elegant artwork into a classy personalized world travel map.  

The Personalized Travel Map with Pins comes with the same specifications as the map above, but does cost just slightly more for the upgraded customization.

Buy it now!

DIY World Map Poster with Pins

While $100 is an affordable price for a beautiful world travel map with pins and frame, there are options for a less-expensive wall world map with pins. Namely, you can make a travel map wall hanging – with just a little creativity.

To create your own wall map with pins, you can purchase a rolled National Geographic Map – like this one. To build a travel map that can be pinned, buy a cork board that is the same size – like this one – and a set of pins – like these. You can either tack the poster to the cork board or use spray glue. And, just like that, you have created your own pinnable world map!

Pro Tip: If you are looking for inexpensive artwork, check out our list of the Best Map Wall Art for Less than $50!

Travel Globe with Pins

While we love World Map Wall Art, we also love map-themed home decor! Globes can be a gorgeous addition to any room – but globe maps that can track travels are unique.

There are two popular kinds of globe travel trackers: Cork or Magnetic. Both are fantastic for a desk or nightstand – so which one you choose depends on your style.

Cork Globe with Pins

The Cork Globe to track travels is minimalistic in design. The pinnable globe is a simple black map on cork material. Small in size, the cork map globe is less than 6 inches tall (although there is a more expensive, larger version).  It comes with 50 bright pins that stand out against the black map. Best of all, the unique globe comes at an affordable price (less than $50 USD!).

Buy it now!

Magnetic Globe Travel Tracker

A unique way to track travels on a map is with magnetic pins – and a magnetic globe is a beautiful display! This 10-inch globe comes in four styles – Black, Tan, Blue and Topographic – along with 40 magnetic pins to mark your travels.

Buy it now!

Pro Tip: Want more art decor ideas? Find more tips in our blog post, Travel Art for Wanderlust!

Countries Visited Map: Scratch-Off

While we love the idea of a wall map with pins, there are other styles of maps to track your travels – namely, a Scratch-Off Travel Map. With a scratch-away map, travelers can unveil the countries they have visited when they return home from their trip. It’s a great visual way to display your globe-trotting adventures. Furthermore, scratch-off maps tend to be less expensive than a push pin travel map. Both of our recommended country scratch-off maps are less than $30 USD.

Gold Scratch-Off Map

A classy rendition of a scratch-off map is this pastel map covered in gold foil. What we like best about this map is that it is poster size, which makes it easier to reveal the countries you have visited…and it makes a nice wall art display.

Buy it now!

Black Scratch Map

A vibrant way to display the countries you have visited on a map, this black map stands out. A feature we love about this map – that is not found in many other travel tracking maps – is country flags (that can also be revealed) at the bottom of the map.

Buy it now!

United States Visited Map

Explorers who want to specifically track their travels of the USA can use a ‘States Traveled’ map. Similar to the ‘Countries Visited’ maps, there are numerous styles of United States of America travel tracking maps.

US Travel Map with Pins

This framed US Travel Map with push pins is exactly like our recommended World Map with Pins – but uses a detailed map of the USA. The map comes with a choice of frames and can be personalized, too!

Buy it now!

Scratch-Off ‘States I have Visited’ Map

This gold coated United States Travel Map is beautifully designed to reveal a detailed cartographic map. The poster-size map is a stunning wall hanging – both when it is covered and as states are revealed.

Buy it now!

Personalized US Photo Map Display

The poster size USA photo map is a fantastic way to preserve travel memories from adventures across the States. You use your own photos and cut them into the shape of each state – creating a personalized collection of travel memories.

Buy it now!


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Best Way to Track Travel Push Pin Maps Scratch Off Maps

The Best World Map Gifts

The Best World Map Gifts by

Giving a travel map gift is like giving someone the world – which we think is the best gift in the universe. As passionate travelers, there is nothing we love more than giving – and receiving – world map gifts.

When it comes to map gifts, there are hundreds to choose from; styles range from framed to personalized, romantic to destination specific. To help you find exactly what you are searching for, we have rounded up our best map gift ideas.  

Whether you are searching for map gifts for men or need travel map gift ideas for her, you can find the perfect World Map gift on our list!


We think the best world map gifts for travelers are ones that conjure memories by tracking previous journeys and stoke the desire to set off on grand adventures. Finding the perfect Map of the World gift for your traveler will depend on their style – so be sure to look through all of our world map gift ideas to find the one that is right for your gift recipient. Be sure to read all of our Tips For Buying Wall Art!

Framed Map Gift

Topping our list of world map gift ideas is a classic, framed National Geographic map. The detailed map displays the world in muted tones. Country borders are shown and labeled, as are bodies of water and individual states in the USA. What makes it one of the best gifts for map lovers is that it can be personalized – and it even comes with push pins for marking past travels or future trips. Buy it now!

Is this not exactly what you imagined giving as a gift? Go to our Framed World Map page for more ideas!

Map Print Gift

There are so many travel map gift ideas when it comes to Prints and Posters! We especially love map print gifts that are unique and ready to hang – which is why we love this bold colored, vintage-style world atlas. Buy it here!

Personalized Map Gift

Personalized map gifts are a top choice when it comes to gift giving! The personalization – either a famous travel quote, a trip name or the recipient’s name – make it a thoughtful gift that is sure to be cherished. Our favorite personalized world map gift has room for 3 lines of text and comes with push pins to mark places visited, too. Buy it here!

Scratch Map Gift

One of the reason travelers love maps is that they can use them to track their travels abroad, which is why a scratch off map is an excellent personalized travel map gift. We personally like the Wanderlust Scratch-off Places I’ve Been Map that features a vividly colored map when countries are revealed. Buy it here!

Need a gift for a young traveler? Check out this Scratch Off Map for Kids!

Scratch Off Destination Map Gift

Need a wanderlust gift for an ambitious world traveler? A travel destination map gift is exactly what you are looking for! This map features iconic places around the world that are top bucket list destinations. Each time your travelers visits one of them, they can reveal the photo. Buy it here!

Map with Pins Gift

Push Pin maps are a fantastic, personalized gift – and we have already highlighted a few map gifts in our list that come with pins. Another fun Where We’ve Been Map Gift is a magnetic map. With magnets – rather than push pins – the map can easily be marked and rearranged while making travel plans (without leaving holes behind!). Buy it here!

Find more personalized map print gift ideas on our Personalized Maps page.

Couples Map Gift

If you are seeking a romantic map gift for a significant other, then a map heart gift might be exactly what you are looking for! The heart map gift that we like best is the square, framed artwork the features a map cut into the shape of a heart focusing on a destination of your choice. Ideal as an anniversary present or First Christmas together gift, a heart map wedding gift is also a great idea! Buy it here!

We share more travel map wedding gift ideas in a minute!

Long Distance Map Gift

Couples separated by distance can proclaim their commitment with a long-distance relationship map gift. What we really love about this map gift is that it is completely customized to the couple! Both states (or countries) are features in the work of art – and hearts connected by a dotted line mark the cities where each person lives. The map art can be purchased as a print…or add an optional frame! Buy it here!

Where We Met Map Gift

A fun way to commemorate your first meeting, a Where We Met Puzzle Map is a perfect present for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day or as a special gift under the tree. The best part is, you can complete the map puzzle together – and even frame it! Buy it here!

Map Wedding Gift

World map-themed gifts make great wedding presents – as the couple is about to begin an incredible adventure together. Our top pick for a personalized map wedding gift is a unique candle jar that is completely customizable to the couple – with names, a date, and a heart map. Gift-givers can upgrade the personalized wedding map gift to come in a gift box set filled with a variety of newlywed gifts. Buy it here!

Our Adventure Book World Map Wedding Gift

A wooden covered scrapbook featuring a world map, the Our Adventure Book is an ideal wedding present for traveling couples. Even better, if the couple plans to travel for their honeymoon, they can complete the memory book based on their first adventure as a married couple. Buy it here!

City Map Gift

For anyone who has a favorite city, a city map is a fantastic present. Whether they dream of traveling there or it’s a favorite place they have visited, a detailed rendering of the city streets can help transport them to the city without every leaving home. City maps also make good hometown map gifts – for anyone who loves their own home city. Buy it here!

United States Map Gift

A fun way to frame your USA travels, the USA photo map gift is completed with your own travel photographs. Cut your photo from each US state into the shape of the state to create a unique photo collage. Buy it here!

National Parks Map Gift

If you’re giving a gift to a National Parks explorer, the National Parks Explorer Guide map is just the thing to buy! All 62 US National Parks are featured on the map – and each one is scratched off after visiting to reveal a stunning park image. Buy it here!

World Globe Gift Ideas

Some of the best Map of the World gifts are in the form of globes! One of our favorite unique map gifts is a globe whiskey decanter that comes with two globe-etched glasses. Buy it here!

Night Sky Map Gift

Commemorate a special date – be it birthday, anniversary or other special occasion – with a night sky map of the stars as seen on that exact date. Not a traditional map, we think it is one of the best sentimental map-related gifts on our list! Buy it here!

World Map Gift Wrap, Bags and Boxes

Now that we have shared our list of the best world map gifts, we are going to wrap it up with what to wrap it in! From wrapping paper to gift bags to boxes to tags, there are several budget gift options when it comes to wrapping your world map gift.

World Map Gift Wrapping Paper

Tip off the recipient of the great world map gift that awaits them with this beautiful vintage map gift wrap! It will work great for wrapping up a framed map or smaller gift. Buy it here!

World Map Gift Bags

If you are gifting a smaller map gift, a world map gift bag is just the right size! Giving a travel-related gift – like a bottle of wine from abroad? These map gift bags for wine will help set the tone of the gift. Buy it here!

Map Gift Box

A map gift box can be used to wrap up any travel-related presents! We like using a world map photo box – because it can also be used by the traveler to store travel photos after a trip. Buy it here!

Map Gift Tags

Party favor bag tags – like these – can double as gift tags – but we actually think the best gift tags for map gifts are actual luggage tags!

Need more Around the World Gift Ideas? Check out this list of Useful Travel Gifts – or find something quirky on this list of Unique Gifts for Travel.


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Tips for Buying the Best Wall Map of the World

Choosing a perfect Wall Map of the World is not a simple task! When purchasing Map of the World wall art, there are numerous factors to consider – like space, color scheme and cost. However, a World Map wall hanging also needs to complement your own personal style. Before you buy a Map of the World, use our top tips to ensure you select the Best World Map.

Tips for Buying the Best Wall Map of the World by
Tips for Buying the Best Wall Map of the World

How To Choose The Best Wall Map of the World

Whether you are buying a Map of the World wall hanging for your home, office or as a holiday gift, you want it to be the absolute best map! It will likely be displayed on the wall for years to come, so choosing the perfect hanging Map of the World is essential.

Use our latest tips for selecting the best Map of World wall art – and buy a World Map that best fits your top criteria!

Determine the Best Map of the World for Your Style

Prior to thinking about where to buy Wall Maps, you first need to determine what kind of map you desire. Maybe you envision hanging a World Map poster with pins or an artistic or perhaps a funky Map of the World is more your style. Not everyone’s version of the Most Beautiful Map of the World is the same – and that’s the way we like it!

Wall Art Map of World Styles

Determining what style of map you want is a necessary first step in purchasing a Map of the World. If you want a 2021 map to track travels, a Wall Map of the World with Pins – like this one! – might be the style you are seeking. On the other hand, wanderlusting day dreamers may be more inclined to get an artsy Map of the World – find one here! – that is less detailed and more creative. Perhaps you are enamored by Old World maps – in which case a large vintage Map of the World – find some examples here! – might be perfect.

If you are still unsure what style you want, get inspired by the artwork we selected for our top categories: Vintage artwork, Artistic works, Framed and Canvas images and Wooden rustic art. You can find additional inspiration in this article featuring Creative and Cool Wall Art Ideas!

Consider the Size of the Wall Art Map of the World

Once you decide the style of art you want to hang on your wall, you need to take into consideration the size of the piece…and the wall you will be hanging the map on. If you want to track your travels in 2021 with a big Map of the World poster, you need to make sure you have the space to hang it. Likewise, you don’t want to hang your Map of the World on the wall only to find out it is too small for the space.

Furthermore, when you purchase a Map of the World, it is essential to review the exact dimensions. We have seen advertisements for a ‘Huge’ Map of the World poster, only to find out it is actually a standard poster size. Not cool!

Take into Account the Color of the Wall Art World Map

When you choose a hanging Wall Map of the World for a specific room, you will want to account for the current color scheme and style of the area. A muted tone, Old World wall hanging will likely look out of place in a modern and contemporary room. If the room features warm earth tones, a bright and colorful Map of the World might create discord in the space.

These general home decor guidelines, however, are not absolute. To better get a sense of how artwork might look on your wall, print out a small, color version of the art or use color swatches. At the very least, use a handheld device (either phone or tablet) to display the image to see how the Wall Art Map you are considering might look in the room.

Decide How Much You Want To Spend on a Wall Art Map of the World

The final factor to think about before buying artwork is deciding how much money you want to spend. Staying on budget is always important! Map wall hanging prices range from budget decor to expensive works of art. The price often directly correlates to the quality, but size, production and materials are all considerations for pricing.

Just as there is a large range of styles, there is also an extensive range of prices. An unframed wall Map of the World poster can cost as little as $20 USD, while an elegant canvas wall Map of the World can easily be priced at more than $150 USD.

That all said, just because some World Map Artwork costs more does not guarantee that it is better quality. We strongly recommend reading product reviews prior to buying a Wall Art World Map. Find our recommendations for the best inexpensive wall art on our blog post, The Best Map Wall Art for $50 or Less!

Start looking for the perfect Wall Map of the World by type of artwork! We feature the top picks (updated for 2021!) for each category listed below.

Prints and Posters  |  Canvas  |  Vintage  |  Large Maps  |  Framed  |  Artistic  |  Wooden  |  Personalized Maps  | Travel Art | Under $50


Top Tips for Buying the Best Wall Map of the World by
Tips for best Wall Art Map of the World by
Top Tips for Buying a World Map Wall Hanging for your Home by

The Best Map Wall Art for $50 or Less!

Decorating your home with Map Wall Art is a wonderful way to celebrate (or dream of) traveling in 2021 – but artwork is seldom cheap. Framed maps often cost upwards of $100 USD.

However, don’t despair. If you want to adorn your house in Map Wall Decor on a budget, we have rounded up some of the best Map Wall Art priced at $50 or less!

Best Map Wall Art for $50 or Less by

Best Map Wall Art for Less than $50 Bucks

We are featuring a range of stylish and affordable World Map Art. Each piece that we highlight is priced at under $50 USD (at the time of publishing), gets rave product reviews and can make the perfect World Map Gift!

4-Piece Black World Map

This artistic world map is a versatile wall hanging that works well with numerous color schemes. The map canvas art is comprised of 4 panels that are lightweight and easy to hang. The Map Canvas Wall Art is priced just under $50.

Buy it now!

3-Piece Old World Art Prints

This World Map, Black-White, Globe Wall Art is a great addition to any room! The panels are slightly shorter than other multi-panel World Map Canvas Art, which makes it great for filling a smaller space. The old map art is incredibly affordable – priced right at $30 USD.

Buy it now!

Tapestry Map Art

Not all map artwork is printed or framed! In fact, one of the least expensive ways to decorate a big space is with a large Map Wall Art Tapestry. Available in various sizes, the machine-washable Tapestry World Map Decor costs less then $20 USD.

Buy it now!

Affordable Vintage Map Art

This Old-World Map Wall Art features a beautiful map with artistic detailing. The World Map Wall Hanging has a unique frame that makes it distinguishable from other maps. The World Wall Art is made with quality paper – and is priced at $25 USD.

Buy it now!

Black and White World Map Wall Art

The 16×20 Black-White World Map Art features the saying, “Oh, The Places You’ll Go.” It is perfect for a child’s room or to give as a gift for a high school grad with the all of the world’s adventures to look forward to! The Black and White Map artwork comes framed and ready to hang!

Buy it now!

Rand McNally Map Art Print

A current and classic wall map, the Rand McNally World Map Decor is an unframed poster-size rendition of the world. The colorful map is an eye-catching World Map Artwork that can either be tacked directly to the wall or framed after purchase. What makes it a great hanging world map poster is that it is package rolled, not creased. An east way to track your travels, best of all, it costs less than $15 USD for all of you living a more Frugal Life!

Buy it now!

Watercolor World Map Painting (Printed on Canvas)

This World Map Painting will add a fun splash of color to any room! The Canvas World Map Art Print is stretched over a wooden frame and is ready to hang on the wall. Artsy World Maps can cost a bundle, but this one is priced right at $50 USD for the poster-size World Map Print…and even less for the smaller version.

Buy it now!

Pro Tip: Find more fun art that inspires adventures on our blog post, World Travel Wall Art.

Metal World Map Wall Decor

Artistic Maps come in all shapes and sizes – including this decorative Metal Modern World Map Wall Art. The Black Map Cutout is an attractive wall hanging that works well in contemporary spaces. However, the real gem of this piece is that it comes with a set of magnets that can be used as a Map to Track Travels. The unique Map Decor costs under $40 USD.

Buy it now!

Black (or White) World Map Wall Decal

This large, vinyl sticker map is perfect for smooth surfaces and painted walls. The die-cut design are easy to apply and completely removeable – so they are great for apartments and dorm rooms. The decal wall map fits into a college budget, too – as it is priced at about $40 USD.

Buy it now!

For more of our best tips for buying World Map Wall Art, use our blog post: Tips for Buying the Best Wall Map of the World.


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