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World Map Posters and Prints are a perfect way to decorate a classroom, dorm room or teenager’s bedroom. Our top picks for prints and posters include an assortment of wall maps in a range of prices.

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World Map Black and White

This sleek Black and White World Map Poster draws the eye. Priced affordably, the unframed Black and White map poster is printed on quality paper with a matte finish. Buy it now!

Large World Map Poster for Wall

A dazzling cartographic large map of the world poster, this map measures 24 x 36 inches. The world map poster large size wall hanging is delivered rolled – and purchasers can choose between laminated or unlaminated paper. Either way, the world map large poster is printed on quality gloss paper.

What really makes it stand out as one of the best world map posters, however, is the incredible detailing! Buy it now!

Extra Large World Map Print

This Giant World Map Poster features a classic world map marked with country borders and major cities. The giant map measures 77.5 x 46 inches. Even better, the extra large world map poster is laminated. Buy it now!

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Black Map of the World

This reverse black map on white background poster is a striking way to display the world. Featuring a political world map with countries outlined, it has a clean layout. The contrasting colors creates a unique world map poster. Buy it now!

World Map Poster Framed

With a simple frame, this World Map Poster is ready to be hung the wall upon delivery! The detailed world map wall poster map comes with a set of push pins to track travels by marking destinations already visited. Buy it now!

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Colorful World Map Poster

This Smithsonian Journeys map is characterized by brightly colored countries and topography shading. The quality classic world map poster is coated and can be ordered in different sizes, too! Buy it now!

World Atlas Wall Art

A smaller map, this decorative vintage map poster has a wooden frame on the top and bottom and is easy to hang. This old world map wall art is ideal for someone looking for smaller world map prints – and it’s stylish enough for the living room. Buy it now!

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Vintage World Map Posters

Measuring 16×20 inches, these Old World map posters look great on walls and in frames. That said, the old world map prints can also be used for DIY art projects. Because of their versatility and inexpensive price point, they rank as one of the best map posters! Buy it now!

Black and White World Map Poster

This small black and white world map print features a unique watercolor design and the quote, “Oh, the places you’ll go”. We like the artistic style world map and think it makes a perfect gift. The black and white map art comes unframed, but will fit in a standard 8×10 frame. Buy it now!

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Antique World Map Wall Print

A peel-and-stick map wall mural, the Antique Map of the World is designed with a soft palate of pastel colors. The XL Wall Map has dimensions of 100 x 144 inches. Best of all, the large size wallpaper mural can be easily removed. Buy it now!

United States Country Map Poster

A highly rated political map (aka reference map) poster of the United States, this US Map poster comes either folded, rolled or laminated. If you plan to buy a frame to create a framed map poster of the United States, we recommend purchasing the rolled or laminated version. Buy it here!

Frame Your Fine Art Poster Map

Art prints can easily be tacked up to any wall, using either push pins, tacky gum or tape. However, it can be relatively inexpensive to turn your map poster into framed art. Find an array of frame styles in a variety of sizes here.


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