The Best Map Wall Art for $50 or Less!

Best Map Wall Art for $50 or Less by

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Decorating your home with Map Wall Art is a wonderful way to celebrate (or dream of) traveling – but artwork is seldom cheap. Framed maps often cost upwards of $100 USD.

However, don’t despair. If you want to adorn your house in Map Wall Decor on a budget, we have rounded up some of the best Map Wall Art priced at $50 or less!

Best Map Wall Art for Less than $50 Bucks

We are featuring a range of stylish and affordable World Map Art. Each piece that we highlight is priced right around $50 USD (at the time of publishing) and gets rave product reviews. Plus, all of the affordable best world map wall art on our list can make the perfect World Map Gift!

4-Piece Black World Map

This artistic world map is a versatile wall hanging that works well with numerous color schemes. The map canvas art is comprised of 4 panels that are lightweight and easy to hang. The Map Canvas Wall Art is priced just at $50.

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3-Piece Old World Art Prints

This World Map, Black-White, Globe Wall Art is a great addition to any room! The panels are slightly shorter than other multi-panel World Map Canvas Art, which makes it great for filling a smaller space. The old map art is incredibly affordable – priced right at $30 USD.

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Tapestry Map Art

Not all map artwork is printed or framed! In fact, one of the least expensive ways to decorate a large wall or big space is with a Large Map Wall Art Tapestry. Available in various sizes, the machine-washable Tapestry World Map Decor costs less then $20 USD. Because tapestries are so affordable, they make some of the best cheap world map hanging wall art.

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Affordable Vintage Map Art

This Old-World Map Wall Art features a beautiful map with artistic detailing. The vintage World Map Wall Hanging has a unique frame that makes it distinguishable from other maps. The World Wall Art is made with quality paper – and is priced around $35 USD.

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Black and White World Map Wall Art

The 16×20 Black-White World Map Art features the saying, “Oh, The Places You’ll Go.” It is perfect for a child’s room or to give as a gift for a high school grad with the all of the world’s adventures to look forward to! The Black and White Map artwork comes framed and ready to hang!

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Rand McNally Map Art Print

A current and classic wall map, the Rand McNally World Map Decor is an unframed poster-size rendition of the world. The colorful map is an eye-catching World Map Artwork that can either be tacked directly to the wall or framed after purchase. What makes it a great hanging world map poster is that it is package rolled, not creased. An easy way to track your travels, best of all, it costs less than $15 USD for all of you living a more Frugal Life!

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Watercolor World Map Painting (Printed on Canvas)

This World Map Painting will add a fun splash of color to any room! The Canvas World Map Art Print is stretched over a wooden frame and is ready to hang on the wall. Artsy World Maps can cost a bundle, but this one is priced right at $50 USD for the Poster-size World Map Print…and even less for the smaller version.

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Metal World Map Wall Decor

Artistic Maps come in all shapes and sizes – including this decorative Metal Modern World Map Wall Art. The Black Map Cutout is an attractive wall hanging that works well in contemporary spaces. However, the real gem of this piece is that it comes with a set of magnets that can be used as a Map to Track Travels. The unique Map Decor costs $50 USD on the mark.

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Black (or White) World Map Wall Decal

This large, vinyl sticker map is perfect for smooth surfaces and painted walls. The die-cut design are easy to apply and completely removeable – so they are great for apartments and dorm rooms. The decal wall map fits into a college budget, too – as it is priced at about $40 USD.

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Wooden Decorative Wall Maps of the World

Wooden interior decor wall maps create a rustic warmth in a room. That said, most map of the world art on wood is expensive. However, that’s not so with this vintage style wooden plaque. Featuring the quote, “Adventure Awaits,” it makes a great wedding gift or new baby present. Buy it now!

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Push Pin World Maps Wall Decor

We love Push Pin maps to track travels…but personalized push pin maps (although worth it!) can be pricey. To stay on budget, buy this affordable and fun push pin world map cork board. Buy it now!

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Tips for Buying Cheap World Map Artwork

We have highlighted some of the best wall art on a budget – but we have a few tips for purchasers buying cheap maps as artwork.

Take Measurements of the Map Wall Art

Before buying inexpensive or discount wall maps, it is important to read the details, not just look at the pictures online. The picture might show the world map wall art framed, when in fact, the poser paper art map is not framed. You may see a photo of an affordable canvas map wall hanging that takes up a large wall space, only to find that the piece you ordered in a mini version of that Map of the World wall hanging.

If you are searching for decorative wall maps for your living room, get a tape measure out and measure the size of the space that you want to fill.

Understand What Materials are Used for the Map Wall Decor

Another important factor to consider if you are looking to buy art for less is the quality of the world map artwork for wall hangings. Teachers buying classroom map posters might want to spend just a little bit more for a laminated map, rather than a paper one.

Find Out How Much Detail is in the Map Wall Hanging

Furthermore, many cheap world maps lack country and city details. If you are buying a detailed travel map of the world wall hanging, make sure that the inexpensive map you are purchasing has the details you are looking for.

Read Reviews of the World Map Wall Decor

Finally, read the reviews of the world map decoration prior to making your purchase. Previous purchaser reviews can offer insight into the cheap wall art world map that the product description doesn’t cover.

There is no point in buying cheap wall maps only to be disappointed when it arrives. Do your research on the inexpensive map art work – take measurements, understand what materials are used, check for map details and read the reviews!

For more of our best tips for buying World Map Wall Art, use our blog post: Tips for Buying the Best Wall Map of the World.


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