Tips for Buying the Best Wall Map of the World

Tips for Buying the Best Wall Map of the World by

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Choosing a perfect Wall Map of the World is not a simple task! When purchasing Map of the World wall art, there are numerous factors to consider – like space, color scheme and cost. However, a World Map wall hanging also needs to complement your own personal style. Before you buy a Map of the World, use our top tips to ensure you select the Best World Map.

How To Choose The Best Wall Map of the World

Whether you are buying a Map of the World wall hanging for your home, office or as a holiday gift, you want it to be the absolute best map! It will likely be displayed on the wall for years to come, so choosing the perfect hanging Map of the World is essential.

Use our latest tips for selecting the best Map of World wall art – and buy a World Map that best fits your top criteria!

Determine the Best Map of the World for Your Style

Prior to thinking about where to buy Wall Maps, you first need to determine what kind of map you desire. Maybe you envision hanging a World Map Poster with pins or an artistic funky Map of the World is more your style. Not everyone’s version of the Most Beautiful Map of the World is the same – and that’s the way we like it!

Wall Art Map of World Styles

Determining what style of map you want is a necessary first step in purchasing a Map of the World. If you want a map to track travels, a Wall Map of the World with Pins – like this one – might be the style you are seeking.

On the other hand, wanderlusting day dreamers may be more inclined to get an artsy Map of the World – find one – that is less detailed and more creative.

Perhaps you are enamored by Old World maps – in which case a large vintage Map of the World – find some examples – might be perfect.

If you are still unsure what style of world wall map you want, get inspired by the artwork we selected for our top categories: Vintage artwork, Artistic works, Framed and Canvas images and Wooden rustic art. You can find additional inspiration in this article featuring Creative and Cool Wall Art Ideas!

Materials of World Maps Wall Art

The best wall maps are made with a variety of materials – and you will want to choose the right material for yours. If you intend on hanging wall maps of the world in your home, office or dorm, you will want to make sure that the map you choose is made from material that can hang on the wall.

For example, a map poster mural is great for a kids’ bedroom, but hanging it in a dorm room might be against house rules. A laminated world map that can be marked with dry erase markers is a good idea for a classroom, but might not be the professional office map you had in mind.

Travel maps (either a scratch map or one with pins) are cool wall maps, buy you will want to determine how to hang the large map on the wall if you are using it to track your travels – as it needs to be accessible to track future travels. The best world maps for wall hangings on our Personalized Maps list are specifically designed to allow easy markings!

The final thing to consider about materials when buying world maps is the quality. It is important to invest in a quality wall map if you want it to last.

Consider the Size of the Wall Art Map of the World

Once you decide the style of art you want to hang on your wall, you need to take into consideration the size of the piece…and the wall you will be hanging the map on.

If you want to track travel with a big Map of the World poster, you need to make sure you have the space to hang it. Likewise, you don’t want to hang your Map of the World on the wall only to find out it is too small for the space.

Furthermore, when you purchase a Map of the World, it is essential to review the exact dimensions. We have seen advertisements for a ‘Huge’ Map of the World poster, only to find out it is actually a standard poster size. Not cool!

Take into Account the Color of the Wall Art World Map

When you choose a hanging Wall Map of the World for a specific room, you will want to account for the current color scheme and style of the area. A muted tone, Old World wall hanging will likely look out of place in a modern and contemporary room. If the room features warm earth tones, a bright and colorful Map of the World might create discord in the space.

These general home decor guidelines, however, are not absolute. To better get a sense of how artwork might look on your wall, print out a small, color version of the art or use color swatches. At the very least, use a handheld device (either phone or tablet) to display the image to see how the Wall Art Map you are considering might look in the room.

Decide How Much You Want To Spend on a Wall Art Map of the World

The final factor to think about before buying world wall maps artwork is deciding how much money you want to spend. Staying on budget is always important! Map wall hanging prices range from budget decor to expensive works of art. The price often directly correlates to the quality, but size, production and materials are all considerations for pricing.

Just as there is a large range of styles, there is also an extensive range of prices. An unframed wall Map of the World poster can cost as little as $20 USD, while an elegant canvas wall Map of the World can easily be priced at more than $150 USD – and personalized hanging wall maps can cost more than $200.

That all said, just because some World Map Artwork costs more does not guarantee that it is better quality. We strongly recommend reading product reviews prior to buying a Wall Art World Map. Find our recommendations for the best inexpensive wall art in our article, The Best Map Wall Art for $50 or Less!

Start looking for the perfect Wall Map of the World by type of artwork to purchase! We feature the top picks for the Best World Map for Wall by category.

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