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Framed World Map

A World Map Wall Hanging is a beautiful way to decorate a room – especially in the case of framed world maps. Purchasing an already framed map means you can hang it up as soon as you receive it. Find the best Framed World Maps for walls on our list!

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World Map Wall Art Framed

This highly-rated framed world map is ideal for the home or office – and makes a great map gift, too! It is a framed world map with pins; the map is mounted on cork and the included pins can be used to easily mark locations on the map.

While the framed artwork is considered a travel map, you don’t have to use pins on the framed wall home decor.

Even better, this map comes with a choice of several stylish frames. Buy it now!

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Framed World Map Art

Another framed world map with pins, this Voyager Large Framed World Map Art features darker, bolder colors – and the framed wall maps can be personalized with a title and inscription (making it a great gift!).

The satin paper is mounted on Gatorboard and comes with a set of push pins to mark places traveled – making it one of the best framed maps of the world. Buy it now!

Large World Map Framed Print

This fun framed map will add a splash of color to the room! The framed map of the world is detailed with countries and cities. The political world wall map comes with magnetic markers that can be used to pin point locations, too. The framed world map wall art is bright but classy. Buy it now!

Framed Map Art

This artistic rendition of the world is a beautiful edition to any room! The world map framed wall art colorful print features the Eastern and Western Hemispheres, side by side. It is an excellent choice for a classic framed world map – whether you are buying it as a present or for yourself. Buy it now!

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Framed World Map for Office

This World Map in a frame utilizes a cool, contrasting color scheme that is pleasant to the eye – which is why is makes a great framed world map for the office. The canvas map print is displayed in a floating frame and all hanging ware is included for the ready-to-hang world map framed picture. Buy it now!

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Black and White Framed World Map Large

This large framed map of the world features a black and white National Geographic map with a black and silver frame. The world map framed art is elegant and timeless. Pushpins are included with the framed large world map, as well. Buy it now!


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