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Personalized Maps are a fun way to track your travels! The best personalized maps for walls are either Push Pin Maps or Scratch Off Travel Maps. Sizes vary and some are framed – and many of the best world maps can even personalized with a title or quote. Scratch Off and Push Pin Travel Maps make perfect gifts, too!

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Framed & Personalized Push Pin Map

This classic National Geographic Push Pin Map is a beautiful way to track and display travels around the world. The personalized maps are mounted on a board (which is great for the pins!) and framed (with your choice of frame style!). What makes it truly unique, however, is that the map can be personalized. Buy it now!

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Classic Scratch Off Map

This Scratch Off Map is beautifully designed with gold coating that is scratched away to reveal a colorful map. The unframed map is poster-size, so it is easier to scratch and expose the countries and states. Buy it now!

Colorful Countries World Map with Push Pins

Add a splash of color to a room with this framed and Personalized Push Pin Map. Buyers have a choice of frame and the map can be personalized, too. Buy it now!

Black & Gold Scratch Map

This black map with gold overlay (and brightly colored map beneath!) is a wonderful way to keep track of travels. The map also features country flags (which are also scratched off as visited!) – and, as a bonus, a larger United States Map is also included with the purchase. Buy it now!

Framed Scratch Map

If you want to display your personalized map, then a framed scratch map like this one is exactly what you need! The magnetic frame securely holds the map in place, but it is easy to remove when more countries need to be scratched off! Buy it now!

Pro Tip: Looking for a large framed scratch map? There is a black (rather than white) scratch map that measures 24″x36″ – and it comes with the same style frame! Buy it here!

World Map Cork Board

A unique way to display your travel memories, this large cork board decorated with a simple white or black world map. Travelers can use the provided pins to mark the places they have been…and then use the extra cork board space to display photos, ticket stubs or other memorabilia from their trips. Buy it now!

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Quality Push Pin Black World Map

This quality, ready-to-hang artwork features a minimalist design and two-tone gray-and-black map. Although not personalized with names, there is a map key to track past and future adventures – and it comes in several sizes! Buy it now!

Magnetic Map of the World

Similar to push pin maps, this Magnetic World Map comes with a set of magnets to mark previous places visited and places yet to explore. The framed map features an antique map and is ideal for kids and families who want to track their travels. Buy it now!

Personalized Scratch Off Map for Kids

This Kids’ Scratch Off Map inspires young travelers to see the world. Featuring a playful design, the scratch map comes with stickers and educational animal cards, too. Buy it now!

More Ways to Track Travels

Above we feature the best Wall Art World Maps to track travels – but there are other options, too! We feature more Tracking Travel artwork in our blog post, The Best Maps for Tracking Travel around the World.

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