Featured World Map Art

Searching for the perfect World Map Art? Take a look at our top picks in a range of styles (and prices) for the best map artwork. Whether you are buying for yourself or purchasing a gift, you are in the right place to find the perfect World Map Artwork.

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Styles of World Map Art

There are an endless number of world maps that can be used as home decor and office decoration. Below we are highlighting our top picks of World Map Art by category.

You can find more of our top picks -including artwork in a wide range of styles, colors and price points – on our category pages! So if you are looking for Vintage Maps or Personalized Maps, you can easily find them! Need something Large or on Canvas or Framed? We feature those styles, too!


A Canvas Art World Map can look great on any wall! From the living room wall to the dining room wall to the office, canvas map wall art is a top choice!

Find more options on our World Map Canvas page.


Vintage World Map Wall Art adds a classy touch to any room. Old World Maps come in a range of styles – from fine art to small posters to tapestries.

Find more styles on our Vintage Map Wall Art page.


Framed World Map Art is an exceptional choice for an office, a classroom or even a kid’s room. Options range from artistic framed watercolor world maps to detailed world map representations.

Find more selections on our Framed World Map page.


Artistic World Map Art can be whimsical and fun or striking and contemplative. Artistic map artwork comes in diverse mediums – from watercolors to metal world maps to playful kids’ maps.

Find more featured artwork on our Artist World Map page.


Large map artwork can be featured in a variety of spaces in a variety of ways. Big detailed maps can cover entire walls from floor to ceiling or hang for education or work purposes.

Find more options on our Large World Map Wall Art page.


Prints and posters of World Map Art are fantastic for wall hangings – and typically affordable. Plus, they come in a range of sizes.

Find more selections on our World Map Posters and Prints page.


Wooden Map Art Work is rustic and unique – and can add warmth to any space. From wooden pieces to wood planks to printed canvas reproductions, world map art that features wood are top picks!

Find more artwork on our Wooden World Map Wall Art page.


Personalized push pin and scratch off maps are absolutely wonderful for those with wanderlust. Ideal for tracking trips (past or future), the world map art is a beautiful wall decoration.

Find more styles on our Personalized Maps page.


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