World Map Wall Art

Have you ever walked into a room decorated with a World Map Wall Hanging – and your mind was suddenly swept away to distant lands? Perhaps you have already visited these places or maybe it is your dream to someday travel – but one look at a map and you envision yourself there.

World Map Wall Art is evocative. Maps can take us on faraway journeys without our feet ever leaving the ground.

Decorate your home, office or dorm with the Best World Map Wall Art! Modern and Vintage, Canvas and Print, Unique and Personalized – there is a style for everyone. Whether you are looking for the Best World Map Art to decorate your walls or Map Wall Art to give as a gift, you are in the right place.

Search wall maps for sale by category – and find the Best World Maps for your wall!

Decorate with World Map Wall Art

World map wall decor can add inspiration to any space – at home on your living room wall, in your bedroom or in the office. From colorful artworks to detailed world maps with accurate depictions, map wall art stokes wanderlust and sparks adventures to distant lands.

For wayfarers who are fortunate enough to have already traipsed around the earth, world map décor stirs memories of journeying abroad. One glance at a wall map of the world and travelers can relive the memories of foreign places they have seen.

Wall Map Styles

Map wall decor is available in a variety of styles and sizes; there is a perfect one for every wanderer. Designs range from elegant wall-mounted world maps to playful kids’ world maps. There are vintage world maps on canvas and large world map wall murals…and everything in between.  

We feature the best styles – from old world canvas art to artistic watercolor world map drawings. Want a warm wood map wall hanging, a world travel map poster with pins or a modern metal map? We share the best of those, too!

Unsure of what style you want? Take a look at all of our Featured World Map Wall Art!


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